Cast all your cares

Cast all your cares

*deep sigh*

Church was fun today! Yes you can have fun in the presence of God. It was @ the same time Amazing!. The sermon was for me. God was speaking to me through Pastor Norrison and as usual i was blessed.

Just yesterday i blogged about commiting your dreams and endeavours into God’s hands and not letting anyone discourage you. Then i went to Church this morning and BOOM! The sermon was a replica. It’s like ure facing a challenge and then someone comes around to reassure you that it’s gonna be alright and everything’s gonna be fine. That’s exactly what happened today.

He spoke generally on building our vision and dreams and how God expects us to live a purpose-filled life. He doesn’t want us to be stagnant. And that whatever it is we wanna embark on we should weigh the requirements and make sure we have sufficient resources. He went on and mentioned that our vision/dreams/goals will be tested. We need to be disciplined, determined and focused to withstand pressures frrom people who will discourage us. We shouldn’t condemn them because one way or the other God will ensure different things are thrown @ us to test our resolve.

Right now,i feel so relieved and @ peace because ive casted all my cares onto God and i know he’s gonna perfect everything that concerns me.


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