Can’t Understand.

Can’t Understand.

How are y’all doing. Network’s been soo messed up lately! Blogging has become rather difficult. Anyways i’m here and that’s all that matters.

This post is culled from Open Heavens for Teens. After reading yesterday’s message,i felt inclined to share. It gave me a new insight. It summarized the whole knowledge of God. You’ll see what i mean;

One way to describe God is that God is love. It is often assumed that everybody knows who God is but that is not true. Lots and lots of people have no idea who God is and many have not heard about God in their entire life.

Who then is God? It is very difficult to define God because according to the Bible in Isaiah 40:28, it is not possible to understand who God really is as human understanding is too limited to actually understand who God truly is. This God is so loving yet He is also a Consuming fire; He is so massive that the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him; He sits in Heaven and the earth is His footstool but at the same time,He can be so small to live on the inside of human beings as John4:4 confirms.

God lives inside millions of His children and at the same time sits on His throne in Heaven and knows everything about everyone everywhere-in Heaven,on earth,in the galaxiex and underneath the earth. God cannot be adequately described and He cannot be completely understood. Infact,He is beyond our understanding. The little we know about Him is that which He has revealed to us and we must indeed guard this little knowledge jealously.

Short & Deep!

The only thing on my mind right now is this song;

” How Great is our God
Sing with me
How Great is our God
All will sing
How Great is our God!!!!”

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