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Book Review: Sophie’s Heart – Lori Wick

Sophie's HeartSophie’s Heart by Lori Wick
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I got this book in school a couple of years back and i’ve read it like 100 times. (Ok not 100. LOL) I think Lori Wick did a fantastic job with this. It shows anything’s possible with God. If only we can just believe and pray. Really. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sophie particularly inspired me to learn other foreign languages :). LOL. But really, Great Book!

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Sophie’s Heart – Lori Wick”

  1. Learning a new language is def a plus. Boosts your self esteem and sense of worth amongst other things. Good one dear, as usual 😉

  2. I love love love Sophie’s heart. Read it a couple of times too! I remember it was hard for me to pronounce the name of her country “Czechoslovakia”

  3. I love love love Sophie’s heart. I’ve read it a couple of times too. Entertaining and Inspiring… I’ve tried my hands at foreign languages but its just not happening for me… I remember how it was hard for me to pronounce Sophie’s country,”Czechoslovakia”
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    1. Yeah Very entertaining. Especially when she was always struggling with her English. LOL.

      Aww try again and again. You know what they say; Third time is a charm.

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