Book Review: Why Not Me? | Mindy Kaling

Book Review: Why Not Me? | Mindy Kaling

Genre: Memoir
Year: 2015
Country: USA

Playful arguments would become fits of uncontrollable laughter, and, like magic, that experience would be crystallized into a private joke, and the private joke would get boiled down to a simple phrase, which became a souvenir of the entire experience. For years to come, the phrase alone could uncork hours of renewed laughter. And as everyone knows, the best kind of laughter is laughter born of a shared memory.”


Memoirs are generally one of my favorite genres. There’s nothing like a honest and relatable narrative, experience or discussion as the case may be. A peek into an author ‘s life can be all the motivation you need sometimes. Also, I plan to write one someday so..

I’ve never really heard of Mindy Kaling before now. All I know is what my Twitter timeline informs me – she’s hilarious and her parents met in Nigeria. ( I’m sure it’s Ilupeju. The Indian community there is incredible.).  I’ve also previously seen her book – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – somewhere. I can’t wait to read it.

So, I approached Why Not Me? with that information at the back of my mind. Plus she an American immigrant originally from India – that definitely makes a good plot.

Brazen, Relatable and Humorous!

The book in three words. I literally laughed out loud on several occasions. My brother had to ask what was wrong with me. It was such a refreshing read – a breath of fresh air. A series of essays that describe her adult life as an actress and comedienne in Hollywood and her quest for love, happiness and contentment.  Friendships, work ethics and everything in between. Less generic, more particular. Plus some juicy Hollywood gossip gist. Mindy is not your regular celebrity. She’s literally the chubby Asian-next-door.

On several occasions, I found myself making comparisons with her especially on the issue of commitments. It’s amazing how some of the things she mentioned resonated with me. For instance,

“I am the kind of person who, if my feelings are unrequited, can completely detach from someone emotionally if I simply put my mind to it.”

“You know when you meet someone so smart and cool that all their tastes and opinions seem like the correct ones? And you instantly think: those are my opinions now too!”

This book is filled with several quotes and insights which concern women in general.

Like making time for those you love – which I couldn’t agree more.

“If someone really wants to see you, they always find a way. Always.”

I mean, if you love someone, you would make time for them except they aren’t important.

Also, celebrating other ‘s success especially your friends. This can be very difficult and it takes time to master.

“I would like to think this experience [of not winning the Emmy] helped me kick off a lifetime of grace and the ability to express happiness for people who are doing well when I am not.”

The only thing I probably didn’t like is the abrupt way it ended. It was a tad too short. I just expected it to go on and on. Other than that, an easy and entertaining read.


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