Book Review: The Bride Collector – Ted Dekker

Book Review: The Bride Collector – Ted Dekker

Whoosh! It’s been a while an author had me on my toes but Ted literally took my heart from it’s position and kept in my mouth! What?!!!!!

Been my first Dekker novel, I had high hopes. Overly high expectations. I’ve heard so much and truth be told, he didn’t disappoint. Since I wasn’t very familiar with this genre, I sort mentally prepared myself. I was ready to absorb whatever he had to offer so I made sure I paid rapt attention devoid of any distractions.

A psychotic thriller which was indeed thrilling with a little twist to the cliche plot. At some point, I felt like the suspense went on a downward spiral. It began to feel predictable but then before I knew it,it was rekindled with another twist.

As usual, fantastic story-telling, insightful narratives, great use of language with a keen attention to details. Of course, I wasn’t expecting him to fall short in these aspects. He had a
reputation to uphold.

There wasn’t any form of stalling from the very beginning. The antagonist was introduced almost immediately which I’m still quite skeptical about but I think that made it an even more exciting read. The protagonist was somewhat unbelievable in between. I thought Brad Raines’ physical appearance wasn’t real enough and was somewhat overly exaggerated but Ted somehow made up for his inadequacies towards the end.

For someone like me. It was highly enlightening. It felt a lecture with the narratives and of course I was impacted with some knowledge. The central theme wasn’t particularly glaring even till the end. All I could decipher was the war between good and evil. How evil manipulated itself to the point of delusion. At the end, good obviously overcame. That was the simplest way I understood it. I loved the fact that there was a Christian backing to it which I wasn’t even conscious of it until the epilogue which shows the overall strength of the plot.

Some people think the story was cliche and predictable but I think it’s too early for me to conclude. I was an exciting read. The suspense was top notch. Greater than anything I’ve ever read and I’m glad I did. Not bad for an introduction. Not bad at all. You should read it.



I know, I know. I’ve been on a reading spree and I can’t help it. I have a backlog of books to read before the new semester starts.



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