Blogversary Alert!

Blogversary Alert!

Hi guys!

In exactly a month’s time, this blog will be a year old! Whoop! *claps continuously*. The truth of is, I’d reallly love to commemorate this milestone with a little revamp!
So I’m hoping I get around it on or before that day and if not, it’s just gonna have to wait till later on.
I’m thinking of
1. A new header with my picture but I haven’t taken a shoot in ages. I want a glam,retro and chic theme. But that would wait or i’ll do without it..
2. A new tagline. ”Jst me and my thoughts” doesn’t seem encompassing enough. So I’m still thinking. Suggestions are very welcome
3.A domain name. I have no idea how to go about that yet. My dashboard hasn’t been helped matters. Anyways I’ll definitely get to it.

Yeah so I guess that all for now. Any other changes will be made subsequently. You have no idea how excited I am to have come this far. Anyways let me save all that for the d-day.

As I said earlier suggestions are welcome. Anything you think I can do to revamp the blog will be appreciated.

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