Blessed & Cursed!


Sometimes last year,I watched the movie ‘Blessed & Cursed’ and since then Ive been obsessed with Deitrick Haddon. I totally fell in love with him.Deitrick is a contemporary gospel musician that is known for his gospel styles.He has a way of infusing RnB,Hip-Hop,Reggae e.t.c into gospel music.His versatility is what makes him unique.He’s not the regular gospel artiste.He has so much energy accompanied with an amazing voice.In short,He’s a worshiper that has passion for God.You need to see him on stage performing.He worships God with his body,spirit & soul.I wish i had that much energy mehn! He motivates me to worship God.He’s just incredible!

Over the past week,i started compling his songs & for now ive got 30 & counting which has been on replay all week 😉 I decided im going to get all his albums because his songs have a way of ministering to me. I dont think i can ever get enough of that. Pastor Deitrick Haddon is one of the best things that has happened to me this year.I only regret i didnt get to know about him earlier.Did i mention he’s also cute 😉 & to think he’s just 39.

He was in Lagos last week for the ‘Experience’ a gospel concert & i didnt attend. Im yet to recover from that.:( 🙁 🙁


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