Bland much?

Bland much?

You know how they say that you really discover yourself when you meet/talk to people?

A couple of nights ago, Tolu and I had a long conversation over the phone – something I’m beginning to cherish. After going back and forth like we usually did, he made a comment that I took really personal. At first, I tried to shake it out like it was nothing but for some reasons even after a rather restless night, it still lingered on. Which of course compelled me to give it some thought.

Anyways I was accused of being bland. Lacking in taste, flavor and vigor. (In his defense, it was more of a tease than a deduction). Now I had to check the dictionary severally to confirm the meaning just to debunk this allegation. I had to make sure I wasn’t just seeing, hearing or thinking things. Eventually, we ended up arguing and I decided that I was gonna prove him wrong.
This was when I got upset.

A mean he had no right to accuse me especially since we’ve not known each other for that long. In my opinion, his conclusion was rather premature.

During the course of this battle in my head, it hit me.

Maybe, just maybe I am bland.

The other day, I had a conversation with Ola about new friends. Given that he was MIA, he sort of expected me to have made new friends. He had no idea I had become a recluse. He was like,

You’re a fun person. You shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Yeah right.

It’s amazing how much I have evolved to this point.

Age maybe?

I have become, for the lack of a better word, bland. Uptight maybe but definitely bland and there’s nothing I’m doing about it because I am complacent.

Basically, this is me owing up.

Happy new month people!


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2 thoughts on “Bland much?

  1. I don’t think you’re bland. I think you’re a little too hard on yourself and I think there’s a spark inside you, but maybe you’re just bored with your life now – which happens to everyone.

  2. There is nothing bland about you. It is a temporary phase. I have seen inside you and it ain’t bland, subdued maybe but definitely not bland.

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