Being Spontaneous And Deliberate

Being Spontaneous And Deliberate

I’ve never really been a spontaneous person.

I like to think things through over and over before making rational decisions. I like to plan and analyse stuff well enough beforehand and make mental notes so as not to fall short. I like to take responsibility for my actions and not blame it on the alcohol own up to my stuff. But lately, I’ve been doing the exact opposite and it’s incredibly frightening and rewarding. Sometimes, I need to tap myself to as a reminder of sorts.

Wake up!
Are you kidding me?
Nah, you’ve gotta be kidding me.
Who does that?

To be honest, I’m yet to regret any of the spontaneous decisions I’ve made so far. I’m not thinking too much about things. I’m just doing them as long as it’s completely safe, legal and within my comfort zone. Then again, I don’t think I want to make it a habit. Really. As much as I like making abrupt lunch plans and shopping way above my budget, I love being deliberate and disciplined. Weird right? Not really. It actually keeps me in check like a set of unwritten rules. Some might see it as been completely uptight and that’s not a problem. I actually like to think that I’m (slightly) uptight. At least, it keeps me from making stupid decisions and engaging in frivolities.


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3 thoughts on “Being Spontaneous And Deliberate

  1. I think you should be Spontaneous, I’m struggling with not been so at the moment. Like you I’m a planner , my daily life is regimented and goes on without a hitch. Recently i came to realize I’m not so satisfied with how it is and I’ve been trying to figure out what to about it.
    So far you do things that do not detract from the person you are , I beleive its okay.

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