I do not know how to ask(for help).
Like I’d rather just suffer in silence than to ask for help. If for instance, I need something(badly) and for some reasons I can’t afford to have it at that point in time, I won’t reach out. No, it’s not pride. Over the years, I’ve learnt to be contented with whatever God has provided me with. And after a handful of blatant disappointments, I’ve subconsciously withdrawn. Plus, there aren’t many people that give out of goodwill expecting nothing in return. It’s the way the world is wired.

I do not know how to lean on others for support, encouragement and whatnot. I think I have just about enough strength for one person. In a little over two decades of living on earth, I’ve realised no-one is worth depending on, not even those related to you by blood. The way this life works, the most distantly unknown stranger walking on the street might be your helper and in turn become thicker than blood.

I have ”island tendencies”. With a short attention span, one minute, I could be all bubbly and just zone out the next. Some people find it quite offensive but I hardly even care.

I think it’s OK to not know everything. Being knowledgeable and intelligent is attractive no doubt but there should be a line. Some things should rather be left unknown. You do not want to have twisted ideologies about certain issues.

It’s OK to want out of responsibilities. It’s probably fine to live without worrying about cooking dinner,data plans or assignments. Being impulsive, spontaneous and just living the moment baring in mind the full consequences of your actions.

It’s OK to take offence and judge people who indulge in profanity and display their moral decadence.

It’s OK to get upset when your friends don’t take you serious or show zero concern about your work.

It’s totally find to throw tantrums, scream and lose yourself because you need to find meaning.

It’s OK to be broken.
It’s OK to cry
It’s OK to reach out for hugs
It’s OK to lean on people
It’s OK to ask when you’re dead broke
It’s OK to pray even when you think He isn’t listening
It ‘s OK to be lethargic, cranky and vulnerable
It’s OK to cry.

Being strong all the time is probably overrated.


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  1. This is so me, not entirely, but most part. Being strong always is overrated! Over time i’ve learnt to boast in my shortcomings, i’m still in the process. But i think the root of it all, well at least for me, is not wanting to be vulberable to nobody which isn’t not an awesome thing. The things that a so important, Relationships; family, friends,etc need vulnerability.

    It’s okay to have shortcoming.

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