Because English is Too Mainstream

Because English is Too Mainstream

”Are you serious?”
”For what reasons?”
”Are you even Nigerian?”
”You’re not done with English talkless of French”

These and many more are the reactions I get from people when they accidentally[I know better than to put myself in that spotlight] know I study French in school. For the past two years now or thereabout, I haven’t had a positive encouraging comment from anyone[My family and some friends exclusive]. It’s like people don’t expect you to be studying French in Nigeria. Amean what the hell is ”Are you even Nigerian?” Duhh! I am. Ugh! And I’m like get-a-life-and-stop-sticking-your-nose-into-my-business because it’s getting really annoying. What if I was studying say like Spanish,it’ll be an exclusive on LIB. *rme


Yep! I’m studying French and International Studies and I totally didn’t plan it.. It just came plus my mum sorta had a hand in it and I had to settle with the avaliable.

Then again, there’s this guilty pleasure that comes with being different. You’re not one of the tons of females in the Mass Communications or Comp Tech department. You’re one of the very few people that is bold enough to step out of the norm and just dare to be different. That’s how I feel. So irespective of the not-very-nice reactions I get, I also enjoy the ”wows!” and the ”can you please teach mes” and the priceless facial expressions that comes with the territory.

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