Battle Of The Products.

Battle Of The Products.

Hey guys!

Wow! It was a rough weekend. I’m gradually coming out of my foul mood caused by the news of Paul Walker’s death. It’s still unbelievable. I found myself endlessly retweeting any tweet that made reference to him just to convince myself. Anyways, I really hope he had a relationship with God beyond his ”fast life”. RIP.

So onto the subject of the day….

A couple of weeks ago, I ran some errands for my mum and stopped over @ my aunt’s place amidst traffic. Well I got there and the first place on my mind was her room. I knew if I was lucky enough I would be able to raid some things I ordinarily couldn’t afford. [ Travails of a college student]. Anyways, I got into her room and the first thing I noticed on her dressing table way this huge bottle of ”lightening” cream that is been ridiculously advertised on billboards all over Lagos and in my mind I was like, WTH? Really? I was practically dumbfounded but somehow managed to hide my emotions and avoid being tagged rude or disrespectful.

That aside.

Before I left, she handed my this facial moisturizer. You know those expensive ones in small tubes. At first I was elated you know then it dawned on me that I’ve actually declared my stance on commercial beauty products. I’m now #TeamNaturalAndNoChemicals. So I’m torn between using these products and switching fully to natural products. The truth is it hasn’t been really easy and I have no idea why I’m almost torturing myself. I try as much as possible to be conscious of the products I use on my skin and by that I mean ”ingredient-awareness”. Every product I buy, I always try to properly scrutinize the ingredients before even attempting to buy it and I’ve sort of incorporated that into my lifestyle.

These products especially the designer ones always look so tempting but then I have to caution myself. Not all that glitters is gold. And other times I just let myself go without any form of restraint. It could be a hassle.

And you know the funny thing? I got home that day and tried this Clinique moisturizer on. After a few days, I reverted to my old one. It was so greasy and took a longer time to dry before I could apply my makeup. Thank God it wasn’t bought with my money. LOL. I would have regretted it.. But really I think commercial products are overhyped and overrated. Stick with what you know please and if you’re like me, don’t even bother.

#NoteToSelf: Throw that bottle of Palmers’ into the bin! But because of the price, I’m just gonna wait until it’s exhausted. LOL.

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