…at the moment.

…at the moment.

Listening to Always pray for you by Nosa. It’s been playing in my head for almost 3 weeks now.
Eating dinner before 8pm
Drinking a lot of lime and water
Trying not to worry so much about a certain young man
Praying I get a DSLR soon.
Buying hair products and midi rings
Spending my free time on Pinterest
Wondering how Mr Seun noticed the color of my lipstick on three different occasions
Struggling to keep up with my relationship with God
Growing my hair and retaining length.
Thinking of ideas for guest posts
Wishing I could leave Nigeria right now
Missing Feranmi and Ola
Hoping the abducted girls are brought back
Observing a lot from the sidelines.
Realizing relationships differ. Everyone can’t be like that ex.
Substituting deep frying for grilling
Reading tons of travel writing and photography blogs
Looking forward to having a new phone soon.
Remembering to say a prayer
Taking baby steps
Sharing my hair products with Dunni
Wearing more flats and less heels because comfort
Loving my new set of monostrap gowns.
Experimenting a lot with homemade recipes
Anticipating the end of the semester and the beginning of a new year
Learning to respect people’s personal space.
Applying for photography internships
Feeling cranky and lethargic
Acknowledging the fact that death is part of life.
Craving a good laugh and a bear hug
Staring at Ife because he looks so much like Watchtower


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