All About Us

I’ve stalled
I’ve ignored
I’ve deferred
I’ve disappointed
But it’s time to stop and let go
I’m gonna pick a day
Out of the blue
Then i’m gonna show up
I’m gonna be all pretty
i’m gonna throw you off balance
A planned surprise might come in handy or
I might just find my way to your doorstep.
Whichever way it is
I’m just gonna come
I’m gonna clear your doubts
I’m gonna push your worries aside
Because it’s gonna be about us.
We’re gonna talk all night
because we have so much to catch up on
we’re gonna bury the past and forget the future
We’re just gonna live for the moment
Because it’s all about us.
Then you’re gonna play the guitar and sing to me
i’ll just keep smiling
And swing along.
Then you’re gonna take my hand
And we’ll take each step one at a time
then we’ll move until the music fades
Because it’s all about us.

9 thoughts on “All About Us”

  1. And I was there thinking this was for me 😀 until I got to the guitar part 🙁 nice one though:D

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