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Finally, he’s gone and the world still doesn’t wanna let go of him, myself inclusive.

I think the first time I ever heard of Madiba growing up was the day I stumbled on his Long Walk To Freedom. I was 10 and could barely connect with him. But when I was done reading, I realised he was a great man. In the midst of the stench corrupt leaders oozed, he was a breath of fresh air.

When the news of his death broke out on Twitter, I thought it was a farce and didn’t pay so much attention to it.. In my mind, I was like, he’s probably admitted again. He’ll come out of it like he always did until the tributes began rolling in with my tears accompanying them. I couldn’t hold back. He had gone. For real this time. And heaven will welcome him with open arms.

He has gone to rest. What felt like a mourn turned to tears of joy because he deserved to be celebrated even in death for a long time.

Sleep On Madiba.


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