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Hi there!

My name is Ebun Oluwole. I run JunElevenCo, a content marketing agency for SMEs and startups.

I have a number of interests including fiction& memoirs, black hair culture, holistic living (organic skincare, herbalism & aromatherapy) and much more. I spend all of my free time reading and sometimes writing about them. All of my interests have helped shaped the kind of woman I am today.

I’ve been writing for about four years plus now and sometimes you’ll stumble on archived posts. Feel free to read them bearing in mind the time and date.

I hope you like it around here.

Shoot me fan mail at ebun@ebunoluwole.com



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  1. Wow u sound like a cool person to know.would like to meet yu some day…oh might I add ur beautiful too…btw jut wanted to know how you are partly British,quite interesting,especially as you’ve lived in lag all ur life..holla!

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