Hi, I’m Ebun Oluwole

Content & Social Media Strategist and Founder, JunElevenCo

I have six years experience in the digital media marketing industry and I’ve worked with a diverse range of clients in various industries. I want to use a combination of my experience and my skill set to help you achieve your business goals.


  1. Wow u sound like a cool person to know.would like to meet yu some day…oh might I add ur beautiful too…btw jut wanted to know how you are partly British,quite interesting,especially as you’ve lived in lag all ur life..holla!

  2. Nice one… HI Ebun!!

  3. i am greatly impressed by your aims and ambition.. see http://bandonaija.com i created it. i also have sent u a mail.. please read it and get back to me if necessary.. or contact me via http://bandonaija.com/contact-us/

    1. Thanks

      Seen and replied.

  4. Nice blog you got here EB. Haven’t through it yet. But I know am gonna like it. Keep it up

  5. Subscribed!

    Same here, I haven’t found ways to have fun without compromising my faith (

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