A Very Special Gift :)

A Very Special Gift :)


This morning i got a special gift from someone who i’ve come to respect and admire over the last 6 months. I think it’s a priviledge to know someone like him. He’s a breath of fresh air in this almost hopeless generation. So this really took me by surprise. I dunno. Wasn’t expecting it. This means so much to me really. As a fellow poet, i know what it means to put words together to make sense and delivered beautifully.

Ok enough here it goes,

A small poem for a petit pretty poet
From the cooking pot of my heart straight to yours
On thoughts of peaces and truckloads of love
Yes peaces because they are many
Peace in your heart and in your home
Peace right now and when you grow old
Peace as you find love and love finds you
Peace like a river that overwhelms you
I stir up the pots and up pops the love
Love because you’re divinely crafted
Fearfully and wonderfully framed
A snapshot of heaven on earth
You carry the whole of God inside your heart
Happy Birthday Dear.

My first impression was Wow! And now again it’s WOW! Really i’m speechless.

Thank You again 😀
You made my day with this.


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