A Piece of Me


Erm…this morning i wrote a poem and towards this evening i got upset because the feedback i got. I’m not against constructive criticism,i just think the whole essence of the poem is lost when people have the wrong impression. I’m not brooding over it, i just feel i need to make some things clear. Then again, maybe i don’t have to. It’s not like i have to answer to anyone anyways. On second thoughts…….*sigh

Moving on

Anyone that has been following this blog knows i write for fun (well, not until recently that i took writing seriously). This basically is my comfort zone where i write anything and everything that concerns me. A couple of weeks ago i fell in love with poetry. I found an outlet for the crazy senseless things in my head. I found an opportunity to write without having to make any explanation or narration of any sort. Just take it or leave it. I could stretch my imagination to any length and not be limited by my environment or situation without being questioned. Simply because it’s all about ME and ME ALONE.

The oddest things appeal to me and the weirdest things make me cry. I love to smile and laugh out loud. Because i play a lot and i think life’s too short to be sad. I’m a hopeless romantic and i believe in fairytales. I like to stare at people when i talk so i know they are listening and not just hearing. I like to observe people and deduce their personalities from my observations. I like to know about people and ask questions a lot. I love to engage in intellectual conversations or just sit by the sideline and observe. I love my solitude. I love photography. I love to talk to people i can relate with irrespective of their status. My friends think i have a sense of humour buh i think it’s just lame. Little things like sitting on the porch and holding hands matter to me. Or taking long walks and just skyping without necessarily saying anything important. I love people with good diction and clean fingernails. I love to joke around buh i know how to draw the limits. I think people with big vocabularies are just confused or they know too much. I think Sci-fi is boring because i never understand it. I love God and i wanna make heaven. I’m emotionally incapable of doing evil. I love Coke and i think Fanta isn’t as sweet. I’m not crazy about food and water. I read Christian fiction and romance. I don’t like sharing my posts on Twitter because it is stress.

And i’m bored

But above all,i hate to be misunderstood.

I’m done.

8 thoughts on “A Piece of Me”

  1. I get the feeling that I’m one of the people that made you feel that way and I apologize. I wasn’t criticizing, I just wanted to understand exactly what you were trying to say.
    That said, you sound like an interesting person.

  2. I like you for being you & not someone else. Its your ministry. Keep it up. Dont b discouraged. I love your writings. Stay blessed always at d top.

  3. My Apologies if my comment made u upset really that wasn’t the intentions…you should know everyone here is your fan and we believe in you.

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