A Few Of My New Favorite Blogs.

A Few Of My New Favorite Blogs.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve discovered some really amazing blogs. Mostly via Bloglovin and Ibukun’s retweets.

I particularly love these ones because they’re a breath of fresh air. In Nigeria, people are either blogging on gossip, fashion, makeup or natural hair and to be honest, it’s exhausting. I needed to neutralize my feed and so after streamling the various options to suit my interests, I got some really nice suggestions. After skimming through a couple of posts, I followed them.

In no particular order,

1. English Lessons
I absolutely love Andrea Lucado’s English lessons. I love how real and down-to-earth her posts are. She tries as much as possible to address the various issues she has to content with and how she deals with them. That’s the beauty of it. She proffers solutions. Plus she is a full-time freelance writer which I totally dig.

2. A Little Opulent
This is one of those feel good lifestyle blogs that I love to read in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee. Relevant and refreshing!

3. In My Sunday Best
Sade is more or less a fashion blogger and I happen to follow her on Twitter even though I don’t care much for her fashion. I don’t even read the posts to be honest. I’m particularly interested in her photography. I love the vintage touch even though she hardly smiles which I don’t mind. I love the fact it’s not technicolored but warm and subtle.

4. Jenny Purr
This is one of the first blogs I discovered through Ibukun’s constant retweets. Jenny’s also the co-founder and editor of A Little Opulent so the content is a bit similar except that she personalises it. I’m really looking forward to taking time out to read her posts in depth.

5. Nose Graze
I found this blog under the film, music and books drop-down. Ashley reviews books -most of which are unfamiliar- and offers practical personalisation blog tips. Some of which I’ve found useful.

6. Relevant Magazine
I find this blog quite fascinating mostly because of its faith section dedicated to address real-life Christians issues. An example is How To Share Your Faith Without It Being Awkward.

7. The Private Life Of A Girl
This is one of the last blogs I followed and I haven’t really had time to properly read through. Sophie mostly blogs on books, travel, lifestyle and shares blogging tips too.

In subsequent posts, I’ll try to publish my entire blog roll.


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