6 Things I’m Loving At The Moment

6 Things I’m Loving At The Moment


1. William Levy
A couple of days ago, Moviepencil asked a question on current TV shows and I told him that I wasn’t following any atm which is the truth. The last show I followed —years ago— was Glee and for some reasons I didn’t follow up. I found Will —we’re cool like that— by chance and I instantly fell in love with him. No, it’s not about his body or abs or features, I felt some sort of connection the first time I watched him. Yes, I’ve had celebrity crushes in the past; from Liam Hemsworth to Lee Min Ho but this is entire different. I can’t explain it. Sigh. Moving on..

2. Bloglovin
I found some really amazing blogs via Bloglovin. My last post features a few of them.

3. LA. Girls HD Concealer in Beautiful Bronze.
This concealer is currently giving me life and is responsible for my near-defined brows.

4. The Chamber by John Grisham.
This is one of the most intense books I’ve read this year after Gone Girl and Love in the time of cholera. It took me a while before I could recover from the intensity and depth of this book.

5. Horticulture
A couple of months ago, I started a mini-project which mostly involves street photography and so far, I’ve been drawn to horticulture more than any other thing. Closely followed by lights, sunsets and shadows. Wherever I find myself, I’m always on the lookout for stunning works of art and I try as much as I can to capture it in such a way that I can preserve the memories at that point in time.

6. Alata-Samina Black Soap
It’s been an awful long time since I used this soap and boy was ecstatic when I saw it during the last Trade Fair. Raw. Unrefined. Indigenous. African Soap. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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