5 Practical Tricks To Reading More Books

5 Practical Tricks To Reading More Books

The other day, I attended an event and one of the attendees who also happens to follow me on Twitter asked how I manage to read 50 books+ a year. I mumbled some responses and promised her that I would sleep on it and write a post subsequently. But first, I needed her to understand that I am a freelancer and I don’t have a 9 – 5. My social life is also non-existent so it is relatively easier for me to read more books because I have all the time. When I eventually get a 9 -5, it would be a different ball game entirely.

If you’ve also been wondering how to squeeze in more books into your routine, these should help.

  1. Read ebooks.

This is obviously a no-brainer. I mean, ebooks are the condensed versions of paperbacks which make it even more convenient to read and carry about. Usually, all things being equal, I finish an ebook in 48 hours or less depending on the number of pages. Whereas, it might take me 72 hours+ to read the same number of pages on a paperback. It’s science. If you want to cover more books, stick to ebooks.

2. Be open to diverse genres, it keeps things exciting.

One of the things you can do to kill your reading morale is sticking to one genre for a long period. I get that some people like to dedicate their time to one genre at a time but it gets monotonous after a while and slows you down in the long run. Even if you want to read one genre, alternate it with other sub-genres. Again, it keeps things exciting and you have something to look forward to.

3. Choose a convenient reader.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to make adjustments every now and then. Whether it’s a Kindle or a Tablet, make sure it’s convenient to use in terms of battery life and screen size. I have a 7″ tablet that I use solely for reading. It’s decent and gets me by. In fact, last year, I read 80% of my books on it until it crashed. So, earlier this year, I reverted to paperbacks until I got a new tablet.

4. Have paperbacks available.

I know what I said about ebooks. The thing is, whatever device you’re using, the battery will drain eventually. So, it’s safer to have an extra paperback by the side to keep the momentum going. This means you would be reading about two or more books at a time which is perfectly fine.

5. Set a reading goal and be intentional about it. 

Apart from the obvious bragging rights, it keeps you accountable. Every time, I log into my Goodreads page to enter a book, there’s almost always something or someone to spur me on. I’ve had a reading goal for about three years now and I’ve read more books in those years than in my entire life. That’s how serious it is. So, start from somewhere. Say 20 books a year. I started with 40 and I haven’t read anything less since then. Start small and just grow from there. You might surprise yourself. If you can’t stick to a reading goal, join a book club.


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