400 posts later…

400 posts later…

Tomi just published a post on his 100th blogspot and it just occurred to me that I hit the 400 mark a few days ago.

400 random mundane posts.

Most of which are my thoughts feigning content.

It’s been quite a journey for a 20month old blog, 4 months away from 2years and my stats are still pathetic. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I’m just so non-chalant about promoting or rather hyping my blog. I guess the paranoia won’t go away anytime soon. Plus, it’s a lot of work. It’s not like I’m amusing or anything or have something to offer so. The blog reflects my personality so to speak. I’ve gone beyond trying to inspire which is somewhat cliche this days(I could use some inspiration myself). It’s more like delcluttering my thoughts so I have one less thing to worry about. So far, it worked. A mean, writing is liberating. It’s like that partner you tell stuff to without interruptions or unsolicited advice. This time, it’s not human, but an art and so far I’ve had the time of my life.

Lately I’ve been swamped with work. Sizzelle has taken up a lot of my time and the consistency of my posts have gone on a downward spiral. Then again, my random thoughts have taken a backseat in the mean time recognizing the fact that I don’t have the luxury of time. And then I’m reading again; voraciously this time so I don’t have to write about my non-existent social life or lack of new friends over and over because honestly it gets boring. No-one really wants to hear you brood about it endlessly. So yeah, pretty much explains it all.

Anyways, cheers to the next 100 posts!


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10 thoughts on “400 posts later…

  1. 400 posts?!?! I just checked mine and it’s 302, so I guess that’s a milestone for me too. I feel you on the promoting sha – it takes time.

    But I think you’re wrong in saying “It’s not like I’m amusing or anything or have something to offer so.” Be more positive about yourself, young lady.


  2. 400 posts within two years. i dont even have up to 100. that’s awesome. i love the way you write. you make me check out meanings of stuffs. i’m learning too. the traffic would definitely come. keep going

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