Ive been a Redeemer for more than 10years.I can remember then i used to live @ Surulere and my church was just down the road (totally off point). i remember every once in a month my mom would take my brother & I to the Redemption Camp (worldwide headquarters of RCCG). By the time we got dere I’d just eat & sleep all thru the service.that had been a trend for me all thru my childhood days.The Holy Ghost Congress is an annual program of RCCG that holds every December.it started off as a 3-day program buh now runs for a week.This year’s ended today.Im blogging about this cos this year’s was quite different for me.Instead of the regular going-to-the-auditorium to attend the evening service, i stayed home and watched the program via TV not because of anything but because i was simply LAZY! I wasnt motivated to walk to the auditorium so i just didnt move.You can imagine my joy when i discovered it was shown live on TV.Every evening i found myself siting in front of the TV anticipating the sermon.After the 1st day i realised i was BLESSED! I felt refreshed &  different! I was really happy i followed my instinct. Over the years I’d done the same thing and it became a norm you know.I didnt feel anything after the program maybe because at some point I had been forced to attend.I didnt have the choice of ‘not attending’ except maybe i was ill or something.This year i decided to do something different cos i was tired of feeling the same way.

My point is once in a while move out of your comfort zone. Digress from a trend or anything you have done for a long period of time.Find new ways to do that same thing & trust me you’ll be happy you did so.The motivation will come from nowhere. 😀

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