Yet Another Christmas

Another Christmas has come & gone. Last week i said i wasnt in the ‘christmas spirit’ and i think i how why.For as long as i can remember ive celebrated christmas with my family.Basically all my life. Ive gotten to a stage in my life that i think ive outgrown that tradition.it seems like a norm to me now.Mind you,spending christmas with the family isnt a bad thing,im just ‘bored’ of it. I need something exciting,motivating in my life right now. ‘Family’ time sure isnt one of them. I feel its because ive always known what to expect every year. Its been the same routine year in year out & my ‘old-fashioned’ parents don’t know how to spice up.I swear its boring living with them especially when ure been so restricted. I’d rather spend the day with the few friends i ave, @ least i know fun is guaranteed.
This year wasn’t so different only that my mum was recuperating from a serious illness and nobody wanted to stress her the more so we just ate out. Mehn i was so glad. Btw,im a very lazy cook.i’d rather buy than cook.Bad habit yeah i know,that’s just how i am. I definately wasn’t interested in making a feast especially with the hectic day ive had previously.Today for me was just like any other day u know,nothing really special (apart from the gifts doe ;)).I tried to have fun buh @ the end it just became worse.Trust my parents to spoil an already bad day.
I just hope one day, i will again find excitement in Christmas buh for now it’s just another day of the year.

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