#25 Random Things About Me

#25 Random Things About Me

Ok so i’m gonna start this series so that y’all can get to know me a lot better. 😀

1. I got my nickname ‘eBunite’ from a total stranger.
I was @ a cafe some years ago trying to open my first e-mail. After several attempts,Yahoomail didn’t accept the names i wanted so i was stuck. I didn’t want any random username, that’s how one random guy came over to my system,saw my plight and suggested ‘eBunite’ and it just stuck ever since. Some people actually call me that. It has become a ‘household’ name.

2. Liam Hemsworth,Marques Houston and Lynxx are my celebrity crushes.

3. I don’t like tea or coffee.
I could manage cold chocolate. 😀

4. I used to be a romance novel freak.
This was before i heard a sermon advising us against it so i kinda stopped. Wasn’t really easy tho. I’ve switched to Christian Fiction ever since.

5. I dislike noodles.

6. I want a fairytale wedding. 😀

7. I’m not involved in any kind of sport. :s
Sad i know!

8. Basketball is my favourite sport.
I wish i could learn how to play buh my height won’t let me. 🙁

9. I suffer from short-man syndrome.
Like Toke Makinwa said, people tend to see us as snobs and take us for granted. Buh before that happens,we cut off or stay away. I’m like 5”2 or so.

10. I hardly cry except on rare occasions like during a children choir ministration.

11. I absolutely LOVE my solitude.

12. I’m very compassionate.

13. I don’t greet random people. Only people I KNOW.

14. I LOVE the names ‘Taylor’ and ‘Nathan’.
I’m so gonna name my unborn boys!

15. I believe in Love and Romance.

16. I don’t think i’m a good writer.
I feel i’m not good enough yet!

17. I used to suffer from inferiority complex.
*humming Beautiful by Christina Aguilera*

18. I’m VERY meticulous.
I don’t miss the slightest thing.

19. I try as much as possible not to run people down with my mouth even though every one is doing it. I keep it to myself.

20. I neither drink nor smoke.

21. I’m not a patriot.

22. I’m an advocate of celibacy.

23. I LOVE Photography!!!
Who doesn’t know 😉

24. I’m happy with my height to an extent.

25. I prefer worship to prayer.
You can never go wrong with worship. Just let it come from the depth of your heart.

This is all for now. Watch out for Series II. 😀

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