When I turned 20, I had an idea of the kind of woman I wanted to grow up to be but I didn’t think I had the guts to pull through.

5 years later, this introductory part of my interview with The Creative Girls perfectly describes me;

Ebun Oluwole is a fantastic writer and probably one of the most focused women we know. In the time we have known her, we’ve come to see her as a solid, determined and beautifully-minded woman, who sets her heart on things and accomplishes them.

I don’t think anyone has described me as such and it just makes my heart leap for joy to know that complete strangers (well, not totally complete) can see the kind of person I have become.

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine came around to ask me an opinion about an issue. Before she began, she started with the phrase, ‘I know you don’t care about things like this but please I need your advice’.

That hit me because it meant that she understood the kind of things I make allowances for and others that I don’t even bat an eyelash to. Yep! You might have guessed. Boy drama, female drama and general friendship drama all rolled in one. I literally have ZERO tolerance for any kind of drama.

This year, the birthday blues came as early as April. I started to feel all the feels that came with growing older particularly entering an age bracket where societal pressures drove people to make the worst decisions.

So, I got to work. I created a spreadsheet for my life for the next five years. I made concrete plans and set SMART goals. In recent times, I’ve become a bit of a planner that I almost lose it if my plans are derailed for no reason. As you might have guessed, I have a weekday schedule which is completely different from my weekend schedule. Including Sunday. I’ve come to terms with being a workaholic and there’s no point fighting it.

Ebun Oluwole

My biggest takeaway from the whole thing?

I’m gonna be brave enough to live my life on my own terms. Intentionally.

The earlier I embraced that, the easier it was for me to walk in that direction of bravery although I struggle sometimes.

This means that just because people are doing a particular thing or going a particular way if it doesn’t align with any of my goals, I have no business doing it. This mantra has helped me structure my mindset and general thinking.

I’m super super excited for the next five years!

Freelance Content Writer. Bookish. Aspiring Organic Skincare Formulator.

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