24 & Grateful

24 & Grateful

It’s been a long time since I blogged on/about my birthday. I think the last one was my 22nd where I was soliciting for suggestions on what to do for my birthday. That feels like ages ago.

Anyways, today June 11th, 2017, I turn 24.

This morning, someone asked me how I felt and I simply replied with ‘good. grateful’ because frankly, that was exactly how I felt.

At peace.

Content and grateful. For everything.

As usual, I didn’t make any plans this year which I slightly regretted because, after church, I was looking for what to do. Lol. I ended up striking out a couple of things on my to-do list whilst simultaneously replying messages and of course, stuffing myself with cake.


So, what does 24 mean?

I’m of the school of thought that you should be hustling and putting in all the work in your 20s and not wasting your life by being irresponsible and making reckless decisions. Instead, explore your interests and try to build a career. I know quite a number of people that have had multiple careers in their lifetime and that’s not a bad thing to aspire to. At all. Yes, this is coming from a homebody and a self-proclaimed millennial workaholic that pretty much has a non-existent social life. But these days, young people are doing great and amazing things. It’s difficult to not feel challenged.

So yes, I’m going to spend my 24th year and the rest of my 20s exploring my interests and hopefully breaking glass ceilings.

So help me God.

The last one year has been incredible, to say the least. I’m particularly thankful for growth. I’m thankful because lines are falling in pleasant places. I’m thankful for those Eureka moments which I actually think is the Holy Spirt at work. I’m grateful for ideas and the grace to implement and execute them. I’m grateful because I’m just getting started!

Cheers to the new year!

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