22 things: Suggestions

22 things: Suggestions

After my last birthday I started a list of things to do before my next birthday and ran out of ideas after 10. So, this is me soliciting for suggestions. Nothing overly adventurous, just realistic and tangible goals to aid self-discovery and what not.

So far, this is what I’ve come up with;

  • 1. Learn how to drive
  • 2. Get abs!
  • 3. Write 20 book reviews on Goodreads
  • 4. (Re)dye my hair(ends)ombre- brown.
  • 5. Add Ayurvedic treatments to my hair and skincare regimen
  • 6. Get internship(s)
  • 7. Try vlogging
  • 8. Go on a Social media fast
  • 9. Read 50 books
  • 10.Take Online Courses


The floor is officially opened.

I need 11 more.



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9 thoughts on “22 things: Suggestions

  1. 11. Leave the country on holiday or internship.
    12. Have a really perfect day.
    13. Truly fall in love.
    14. Practise more photography (get that camera).

    Can’t some of last year’s be brought forward, especially if you have not done them?

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