I woke up this morning with a cloud of depression hovering over me. For some reasons, my countenance wasn’t as bubbly as it should despite the fact that it was my birthday. I felt cranky and lethargic which has been my default mood for the past few months and I tried to snap out of it. The tweets, FB messages, text messages and even phone calls didn’t help either. Everyone was wishing me the same things like some kind of ritual. No, I’m not sad or depressed because of the realization that I’m getting old and whatnot……far from it. I’m not even thinking about my achievements or lack thereof. I’m just……there’s nothing to be excited about. Yes, I’m grateful for a new year and the gift of life and all that and that’s all. It pretty much ends there.

Dunni tried her best too. She couldn’t possibly understand why I was moping. All efforts to explain went down the drain. She got tired and left me to sleep on it which I gladly did.

On the flip side, I gladly indulged in large chunks of chocolate cake to drown my sorrows and took dozens of pictures to pacify myself.

I hate to think that I might evolve into some sad ol’ lady due to my reclusive nature but what can a girl do?

Cheers to a new year anyways.


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2 thoughts on “21

  1. Ebun!…Happy birthday! You are an adult! I waited to be the last person to tell ya, ;).
    Well this post doesn’t seem like you had fun(except the cake!), but i pray God gives you more grace to handle the responsibilities of the new year. And more 🙂 less :(.
    I want cake.

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