Ordinarily, I should have concrete plans for 2016. Surprisingly, I don’t….yet. But just this morning – after setting my reading challenge – whilst making breakfast, I began to ruminate over some of the things I would love to do this year.

Learn a skill

Not necessarily in that order.

I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 60 books. After reading 61 books in 2015 – 11 books more than the challenge of 50 books – I decided to set it at 60. All things being equal, I should surpass that number by God’s grace. I currently have about 30 books at the moment and I cannot wait to dig in. As usual, I do not have a specific genre I’m concentrating on, I’m just gonna read sporadically.

Of course with more books, comes better writings which is the ultimate goal. I need my reading to reflect my writing someway somehow.

I have gotten involved in two editions of NITC and I’m looking forward to more especially those centered around causes I’m passionate about – healthy living and holistic lifestyle.

Yasss! I’m currently in my final semester and will be writing my final exams soonish. I’m looking forward to that too. I hope I can study better this time. Somehow, I’m not overly bothered about my grades.

Every year, I’ve try to add something new to my resumé – a job, skill and whatnot. This year isn’t gonna be any different. I started learning to code sometime last year but never went back to it. I plan to do something about it this year. For some reasons, I can’t sustain my interest for so long.

What else?

Attend relevant events.

Go on a 6 – month protective style challenge. My hair will be three years by the end of the year. I need something remarkable to show for it.

Make healthier choices.

Workout! Lose this seemingly inconspicuous belly fat.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, make new friends. I met this sweet guy at Cafe Neo last year and I totally forgot to ask for his details. Typical! Best believe, I’m going back there.

Oh and yeah, watch lots of movies and K dramas.

Cheers to an awesome year!


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