2013 In Retrospect: Highlights.

2013 In Retrospect: Highlights.

Hi there.

2013 has been quite an eventful year for me. It’s been mostly filled with new discoveries, realisations, lessons and whatnots. The year started on a good note. I had a few plans with little or no expectation. Well, let’s just say, it didn’t quite turn out to be what I expected, it was better. It was overwhelming. A lot of things happened and I’m grateful for every single one of them and even the requests that weren’t answered, I’m grateful still because the Holy Book says, the thoughts He has of us are good and not evil to give us a hope and a future and even though it might tarry, it would surely come to pass. That’s my consolation.

2013 was particularly a year of firsts.

I got my first full-time job. I learnt how to work under a female boss(looking forward to working under a male boss too) and under official working conditions. At the end of the short but eventful 3 months, I made up I mind I was gonna be my own boss. I was never gonna work for anybody.

I also got my first online job which was somewhat a dream job. Unexpected! Working with African Naturalistas has been eye-opening. I can proudly add team work to one of my skills. My teammates are gradually becoming a family and I love that I can look out for them in the society.

My first natural hair journey has been something. A couple of days ago, I took down my twists which was almost causing a migraine. I didn’t know when I took a scissors and started chopping off the knots. Detangling was strange to me.. Still is. I almost cried.

I’m currently getting my first training as a professional photographer. There are times when it all just sounds like gibberish and I wanna toss them out of the window and just take a photo without being conscious of the rules and putting the techniques into perspective. It’s been fun though and I can’t wait to really start off. I also got to handle a DSLR for the first time.

My first experience at The Experience was life-changing.

2013 was the year I was actually single. No boy dramas, no strings, no attachments, just reclusity. I learnt to be comfortable and enjoy my own company. Serenity and solitude have become my watchword. It got lonely at some point but especially when I see a couple being all mushy-mushy but I survived. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna get into a relationship just because and I’m glad the opportunity didn’t show itself.

I took Creative Writing serious for the first time this year. I actually saw the possibility of a career/side hustle in it..

For the first time in my entire life, my mum called me an adult. Yes, it’s very serious. You see, I’m not very tall, so there’s a possibility she still sees me as that 15 year old. So when she made that comment, I was sort of taken aback but at the same time happy that she realises I’m an a young adult thereby allowing me take decisions for myself.

Order than the firsts, it’s been a year of

Growth. Drastic, meaningful growth. I’m feel totally different from how I did at the beginning of the year. My life suddenly has definition and is going in the right direction. For the first time, I dropped some friends. People that didn’t add meaning to my life. As harsh or thoughtless as it sounds, I’m actually grateful for the strength to do it.. I don’t have to worry about people filling me with the wrong vibe.

Clarity. God has just been faithful. Often times this year as always, he revealed a lot of things which helped me make headway. I love that I could consult Him concerning any area of my life and He would give me feedback!

Sanity. With all the craziness going on around, it’s by the grace of God, we’re not loosing our minds.

Budding Friendships. With the intentional drop of old friends, it seemed appropriate to replace them with new people but I wasn’t in a rush. I wanted people with kindred spirits who shared the same values and I’m glad I got them. They might not be so many but I’m grateful for them still.

Revamp! I finally got around to revamping my playlist thanks to Sola. I discovered some pretty amazing contemporary christian artistes

Abstinence. Last year I made a vow to keep myself until marriage and I’m grateful to God for grace and discipline.

Answered prayers. For the past 20years my family and I have been looking up to God for something and we got it this year.

A blogpost won’t be enough for me to count my blessings. My heart’s just full of gratitude and like Tiana said I’m looking forward to a double portion in 2014.

My lowlights will be coming up in my next post.

Always and Forever

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  1. Lovely write-up, and if you ask me, I’ld say you’re an awesome person/writer, and you deserve a “triple portion 2014”..
    keep being you

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