#20 Random Things About Me

#20 Random Things About Me

First off, Special Shoutout to ALL my readers! Y’all are the best. God bless you loadz!

Welcome to the second part of the whole getting-to-know-me-better series! :D. Lets get started right away.

1. I’m very indifferent about a lot of things.
E.g Politics,Sports,Celebrities e.t.c. Mind you i’m not a boring person. I just don’t dwell unecessarily on some things.

2. I don’t argue unnecessarily.
Once i’ve made my point known,i don’t go shoving it down your throat. Rather i’ll try to further educate you on the issue therby passing my message across.

3. I absolutely LOVE African Prints a.k.a Ankara.

4. I don’t fancy poetry.
Wish i could write tho;

5. I’m a terribly lazyy cook
#DearFutureHusband You are the ONLY exception!

6. I prefer white shades to dark shades.
I feel very creepy in it.

7. My mind has a way of blocking bad memories.
It’s like an automatic defence mechanism.

8. My Yoruba language(dialect) is very lousy.
I hardly speak. Not my fault! My parents & friends don’t speak to me either. :p

9. On the other hand,i prefer French.
It’s more sexy besides it’s easier even though i’m a bit rusty.

10. I have a diploma in French.

11. I’m not so crazy about music.
I could go weeks without listening to music buh i still enjoy it tho;

12. I’m a shoe freak.
I’m a girl + i’m not very tall. 😉

13. I’m not a sleeper.
I get tired of sleeping to an extent.

14. I like to be socially relevant.
You know, so the conversation isn’t totally boring and it keeps going.

15. I’m very outspoken.
I like to make my thoughts known.

16. I’m still trying to be eloquent.

17. i’m dying to learn how to play the guitar.

18. I wanna have 4 kids.
2boys +2girls.

19. I wanna try & positively affect as many lives as possible.

20. I don’t know how to dance.
Except maybe Church dance if there’s anything like that. I would love to learn how to tho;

Aii. See ya next time.

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